Scooter Shaped Union Jack Iron On Patch

Scooter Shaped Union Jack Iron On Patch

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Union Jack Scooter Shaped Iron On Patch

This patch measures approx 6cm x 4.5cm.

High quality embroidery ensures this product is made to last and be worn on your favourite item on clothing.

Lots of other different designs available.


Instructions for Iron on Patches

Patches can be ironed onto cotton , denim , wool , and leather .

When using a iron, set it to cotton (up to 350 degrees farenheit) . Place a damp cloth over the patch and iron onto desired fabric or garment , while applying firm pressure for 30 seconds . Allow patch to cool for 5 minutes. Turn fabric over , or garment inside-out , and iron the area behind the patch , applying firm pressure again for another 30 seconds . Allow area to cool for 5 minutes .

Patches can also be sewn onto fabric or garments with a single or double stitch by sewing along the border of the patch.

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